Wal-Mart Does Rollback on Gas Until September 30th

My husband and I have been taking part in this deal all summer and thought it was a MUST to share with those who may not know.

This past June Wal-Mart announced that participating Murphy USA gas stations that are located on Wal-Mart premises are doing a rollback on gas until September 3oth.

When you purchase your gas with a reloadable Wal-Mart gift card, money card, or a Wal-Mart credit card then $0.10 will be taken off the price.

If the original price per gallon is $3.49 then you will pay $3.39 a gallon. Those dimes add up.

If you shop at Wal-Mart anyway just add some money to a free reloadable giftcard and you are all set.

Take it from me it is worth the extra effort.


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