12 Days of Christmas--Random Acts of Christmas Kindness

I want to get the body of Christ as a whole to join in on 12 days of Random Acts of Kindness with me beginning December 12th!

Below you will find a copy of a letter I sent to all my friends who wanted to participate. Please feel free to join us.

I am ecstatic that the people of God has decided to move together as one body and show those around us that God has not forgot. The holidays are a hard time of year for many, while we scramble to purchase wants there are many choosing between paying the light bill and the water bill. 

When I expressed the idea many shared this is something they always do as a result of that comment I thought outside of the box for the 12 days of Christmas. Some days will remove you from your comfort zone and have you encounter people that you might not otherwise encounter. However if Jesus could travel to the sick, needy, and hurt by foot we certainly can do it with a car!

Below are a few guidelines for the 12 days of Christmas, if you cannot do what is outlined just do SOMETHING everyday!

Let’s RACK (Random Acts of Christmas Kindness) those around us!
I love each of you and I am wishing you God’s best.

December 12, 2011- Day 1- (We will start simple)
Today do not just pass the homeless person on the street, if they are there with a sign give them SOMETHING and a kind word. If you do not encounter a homeless person on the street give to the Salvation Army bell ringers somewhere today.
December 13, 2011 Day 2
Call a local nursing home; ask if they have one person there with no family this holiday season.  Ask them one thing that person needs or desires. Purchase the one item and have it at the nursing home by December 24th. Advise the staff you do not have to see the person or invade their space and if necessary you can just give the gift to the staff and they can deliver to the person.
December 14, 2011 Day 3

Speak with your pastor and ask if he is aware of a family that is in need this holiday season. If he is purchase a gift card of at least $10 from a chain store (Wal-Mart or Target for example) and give to your pastor to give to them. Ask that he do so anonymously, you do not need the glory and the person does not need to know.

If you do not know of anyone in your congregation there is someone in our congregation that could use the help, please contact me for details.

December 15, 2011 Day 4

This time of year several students in schools begin to run low on pencils, Kleenex, and other necessary supplies. Purchase a few packages of pencils or a few boxes of Kleenex and take to a local school.

December 16, 2011 Day 5
Call a local homeless shelter, food kitchen, or group home ask them one item they are in need of this holiday season, purchase a few of those items and deliver by December 24th.
December 17, 2011-Day 6

Become a people watcher today while you are out and about. Today pay attention to those around you and use discernment to help someone who is in need.

December 18, 2011-Day 7

Think of a neighbor or coworker that you never talk to or rarely encounter, purchase that person a Christmas card.  Give it to the first person that comes to mind, more than likely that is the person who needs it.

December 19, 2011-Day 8

Call a local children’s hospital and see what the children’s ICU or those children who are there long term would like.

For example Women & Children’s Hospital in Columbia has Wii’s so they needed extra remotes so that children could play with their family members and requested movies for their library.

December 20, 2011-Day 9

Purchase a several cans of can goods and return to a bin that is having a can food drive. This time of year several grocery stores have the Harvesters bins.

December 21 2011-Day 10

Send a text, you do it everyday anyway but this time it will donate to a worthy cause., the charge will be added to your monthly bill. Donations range between $5-$10.00. Pick one from the list below:

-Text “REDCROSS” to 90999 to give $10 to American Red Cross Disaster Relief
-- Text “KOMEN” to 90999 to give $10 Susan G. Komen for the Cure
-- Text “ALIVE” to 90999 to donate $5 to Keep A Child Alive an organization that provides medicine to HIV and AIDS-inflicted families in Africa and India.

December 22 2011-Day 11

Do something for your mailman. Leave a small note of thanks and possibly a treat or small gift for your mailman. He may not need the money but he may need to know he is appreciated, especially during this time of year.

December 23 2011-Day 12

Today is the last day.  Purchase a gift card of any amount at any store and give it to the person immediately behind you in line. 
In ALL your getting, get understanding!
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