10 Things I Learned (or At Least Was Reminded) From "The Help"

The Help was well written, colorful, and the casting was brilliant. This is by far the best movie I have seen in a long time! There is something about this story that hit home for me! Below are 10 things I learned or at the very least was reminded while watching the movie.

1-It does not take a group of people to make change; it takes one person willing to step out and make the change.

2- It is possible to laugh, cry, and become angry all in a matter of minutes and NOT be bipolar.

3-God has not created a spirit of fear-BE BOLD! Sometimes being bold means doing the unpopular thing and possibly even the dangerous thing.

4-When God speaks, listen and then do as He says!

5-Mothers are the architects of their children's lives. A mothers negativity or lack of support can leave a lifetime of wounds. (I know this first hand)

6-God is the orchestrator of great things-be prepared to have your mind blown when you let Him lead you!

7-Every woman needs ONE good friend and a few good buddies; but great women do not run in packs.

8-There will always be at least ONE person who will cross your path in life just to encourage, motivate, and love you-APPRECIATE THEM.

9-A loud mouth does NOT equate to great ideas or boldness!

10-It is never too late to walk in your purpose; so start walking!
In ALL your getting, get understanding!
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