Let's show gratitude for every time we "fell" its then we learned what we were made of. Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising when we fall.
rom losing even with good tactics! That is something worth showing gratitude for!
Thank God that lifes trials has taught u to strategic approaches. Knowing HOW to fight is a tactic. Knowing WHEN to fight is a strategy. Strategy protects you f
Be grateful for patience. In the Bible PATIENCE is "consistent behavior." It means being THE SAME no matter what. TRIALS reveal PATIENCE at work in you.
Show gratitude on today 4 the fact that no matter how ugly your past is God has the ability to make your future beautiful! It's not over until God says its over
B grateful that what God says is 4 u is 4 u. There is NO devil in hell that can STOP it. So don't desire what God hasn't said is yours but wait 4 what He said.
As much as you can, give thanks. He's already given us more than we deserve.
In ALL your getting, get understanding!
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