Today is national day of prayer, I encourage you to not only pray for yourselves and your family but pray for those around u and those who mistreat and use u!

Establish Boundaries

The following is about setting spiritual boundaries and is by Bob Gass

I have set My face like a flint----Isaiah 50:7

When we look to anyone other than God to meet all our needs, we're
setting ourselves up to be disappointed. Relationships work best when
you establish boundaries and a budget up front. Ask, 'Where does this
person belong in my life? How much am I prepared to invest in them?'
Life's too short to be spent straightening out misunderstandings, hurt
feelings and damaged egos. If you're wise you'll avoid any relationship
that drains you and leaves you asking, 'How did I get into this?' When
keeping somebody happy means short-changing the purposes of God in your
life and losing your joy, you've overdrawn the budget. When somebody
needs too many phone calls, dinners, loans, or other forms of attention,
it's time to draw a line. You've only so much time and energy. Good
stewardship demands that you invest your life where there's the greatest
return. When people who are 'too needy' demand more than you have the
ability or the right to give, you've got to do one of two things. First,
renegotiate. Bankrupting yourself to make them feel good might sound
noble, but it's not. Bankrupt people end up with everything from nervous
breakdowns to extramarital affairs because they're overspent. At this
point, prayer, a good counsellor, and tough love may be what's needed.
Second, sometimes you have to walk away! Isaiah writes, '... I have set
my face like a flint, and I know that I will not be ashamed' (Isaiah
50:7. Make up your mind to let no one stand in the way of doing what God has called
you to do. Your first calling is to please the Lord, not others.
Remember do not go in church looking for church but bring church with u...inside of u is the holy spirit let him freely move in u, around u, and thru u!
In ALL your getting, get understanding!
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