Celebrating Other People

I was blessed on last night to celebrate the wonderful Pastor Olivia C.Q. Aiken or as those who know and love her call her, "Pastor O". The program "Blessings in the Storm" truly blessed my soul! I love her something terrible, she is amazing from the inside out! To know her is to love her, her words are profound but her actions are even more profound. I pray that the windows of heaven continue to open up and pour blessings into her life. Remember it is far better to be celebrated than tolerated! This woman of God is truly celebrated by the lives she is a part of. I urge you that if you do not have a church home and live in the Kansas City area to stop by Memorial Missionary Baptist Church and hear an awesome word from the Lord. Bishop and Pastor Aiken are truly one of a kind people and you can fill the spirit in that place! Be blessed all and remember live a life where people celebrate who you are because they can see the GOD in you!


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